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Tenswill Medical Supply. Our brands of Gloves and Tenswill Masks are a first-class stockist of the highest standard medical supplies available, and pride ourselves on delivering them to customers both cost-effective and efficiently.

Here at Tenswill Medical Supply, we have been supplying disposable gloves and masks for years, and thus are tremendously well-versed in Health, Dentistry, Foods, Safety, Law Enforcement, Commercial industries. We have formed excellent relationships with hospitals, laboratories, dentist offices, chain medical groups, foods processing factories, industrial manufacturing and local pharmacies all over the United States, to whom we’ve supplied the highest quality gloves, masks and protections. Furthermore, we have forged lasting partnerships with top suppliers, not only same factories as Kimberly Clark and McKesson, we also partnership with other factories with the highest quality control and standards.

We offer an excellent choice of product with regards to both masks and gloves. We provide many different types of both procedural and surgical masks, and a variety of both powdered and powder-free gloves, in Nitrile, Latex and Vinyl materials.

While the core of our business is in masks and gloves, we take the desires of our customers very seriously, and also deal in other products and brands to fulfil our clients’ needs. Thus, we also stock hospital and dental self-sealing sterilization pouches, laboratory coats, zip lock polyester bags, isolation gowns, bouffant caps, oversleeves, shoe covers and others. We also intend to expand our business to carry products for the medical, foods, safety, industrial and commercial industries

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Our number one priority at Tenswill Medical Supply is customer satisfaction. We know that our customers not only want the best quality products, but also the swiftest delivery and best standard of customer service. We are partnership with nationwide couriers to maintain our zero-free logistics.

Quality control is also of paramount importance to us. We engage in random sampling on every single product batch that we receive to ensure that the quality of the products we send out to customers meets our extremely high standards. Any customers buying from us can do so safe in the knowledge that they will receive a product of the highest quality that will meet all requisite standards and regulations. And we operate a fair return policy that allows our clients to return products with which they are not satisfied, in line with specific processes that seek to protect all parties involved in the transaction.

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